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Duss et al. show that amnesic patients with damage to the hippocampal–anterior thalamic axis are impaired in unconscious encoding of relations between words, suggesting that certain forms of unconscious memory are hippocampus-dependent.


Dorostkar et al. report that immunotherapy against oligomeric amyloid-beta in Tg2576 mice attenuates synapse loss near plaques, and abolishes it elsewhere.


Franck Ramus reviews ‘The dyslexia debate’ by Elliott and Grigorenko, and disputes their claim that there is insufficient evidence to support the use of dyslexia as a diagnosis. 


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Edward Reynolds and James Kinnier Wilson discuss Neurology and psychiatry in Babylon.
Louis De Beaumont and Sébastien Tremblay tell us more about the consequences of traumatic brain injury.
Sam Maddox writes about Kent Stephenson, one of four completely paralyzed men that scientists enabled to voluntarily move his legs using epidural stimulation over the lumbar spinal cord.


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