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A study of 144 patients with focal lesions reveals the neural architecture of social problem solving and its relation to psychometric intelligence, emotional intelligence, and personality.


The authors use direct stimulation in patients undergoing awake mapping of gliomas to map cortical epicentres of brain functions, obtaining data that challenge classical theories. 


Loss of galanin-immunoreactive neurons in the intermediate nucleus of the hypothalamus could explain why sleep becomes increasingly fragmented with age.

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Edward Reynolds and James Kinnier Wilson discuss Neurology and psychiatry in Babylon.
Louis De Beaumont and Sébastien Tremblay tell us more about the consequences of traumatic brain injury.
Sam Maddox writes about Kent Stephenson, one of four completely paralyzed men that scientists enabled to voluntarily move his legs using epidural stimulation over the lumbar spinal cord.


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Dimitri M. Kullmann
Dimitri M. Kullmann