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Koronyo et al. show that monthly injection of bone marrow monocytes into the peripheral blood and/or weekly immunization with glatiramer acetate reduces synaptic loss and cognitive decline.
Using diffusion MRI, Ofori et al. show that free-water values – which may reflect the volume of extracellular space – increase with disease progression and predict changes in bradykinesia and cognition.
Van Campen et al. show that stress-sensitivity of seizures, established either retrospectively or prospectively, correlates with a blunted cortisol response.

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Edward Reynolds and James Kinnier Wilson discuss Neurology and psychiatry in Babylon.
Louis De Beaumont and Sébastien Tremblay tell us more about the consequences of traumatic brain injury.
Hidenori Yamasue discusses how oxytocin could potentially form the basis of a treatment for some of the social impairments in ASD.

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