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Reply: Retinopathy, histidine-rich protein-2 and perfusion pressure in cerebral malaria

Ian J. C. MacCormick, Nicholas A. V. Beare, Terrie E. Taylor, Valentina Barrera, Valerie A. White, Paul Hiscott, Malcolm E. Molyneux, Baljean Dhillon, Simon P. Harding
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/brain/awu146 e299 First published online: 11 June 2014

Sir, We thank Kariuki and Newton for their letter which raises several interesting points. We value their contributions to this discussion.

Failure of cerebral autoregulation may be an important step in the cerebral malaria disease process. Ideally our review would have not only included comparisons of autoregulatory function in retinal and cerebral vessels, but also other important subjects such as the nature of the blood-tissue barriers, distribution of endothelial receptors, and vessel ultrastructure in retina and brain. Comparing and contrasting the retina with other areas of the CNS in terms of these and other features could well provide valuable insights, not just into cerebral malaria, but for a whole range of neurovascular diseases. We hope our paper will help to …

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